Trump Raises Concerns Over Fox News’ Photo Selection and Polling Data

Former President Trump, known for his close ties with Fox News, has expressed discontent with the network’s portrayal of him and their coverage of polling data ahead of the 2024 presidential race. In a recent statement on his Truth Social platform, Trump voiced his displeasure over what he perceives as unflattering photos used by Fox News, notably one in which he appears “orange” and with his “chin pulled back.”

Fox News’ Role and Shift in Relationship

Fox News, once a strong supporter of Trump’s during his tenure as the US president, has faced a notable shift in its relationship with the former leader. The network’s early call of the pivotal state of Arizona for Joe Biden during the 2020 presidential election marked a turning point in their alliance.

Claims About Polling Data and Image Selection

Trump’s criticism centers around Fox News’ alleged failure to display polling data where he holds a significant lead over Biden. He stated, “Why doesn’t Fox and Friends show all of the polls where I am beating Biden, by a lot. They just won’t do it!” Furthermore, he pointed out the use of unflattering photos, particularly highlighting a photograph in which he is portrayed as “orange” and with his “chin pulled way back.”

Trump’s Counterprogramming Strategy

As Fox News prepares to host the first debate of the Republican presidential primary, Trump, a notable contender, has indicated he will not be participating. Speculations arise that he might employ a counterprogramming strategy to overshadow his rivals on debate night. Potential actions include interviews or campaign events designed to divert attention from the debate proceedings.

Impact on the Debate and Polling Statistics

Trump’s absence from the debate stage could significantly impact viewership figures, as media analysts speculate on the influence his presence could wield. According to a recent Quinnipiac University poll, Trump and Biden are virtually tied in a hypothetical matchup, with 47 percent of respondents supporting Biden and 46 percent supporting Trump.

Trump’s Ongoing Claims and Allegations

On a different note, Trump reiterated his stance on the ongoing legal matters he faces, particularly the indictment in Georgia. Labeling it a “witch hunt,” he urged Republicans to display resilience and vigor in response. He criticized the credibility of the indictments, asserting that they lack a solid basis.

Allegations Against Biden’s Capabilities

Trump also directed allegations at President Biden’s mental and physical capacities, asserting that Biden struggles to articulate thoughts and even perform simple physical actions. He expressed skepticism about Biden’s competence in addressing significant matters such as energy policies and international relations, raising concerns about the potential for a “nuclear war.”

In light of these latest developments, Trump’s concerns regarding Fox News’ portrayal of him and their handling of polling data underscore the evolving dynamics between the former president and the network that once staunchly supported him. As the presidential race heats up, Trump’s influence on media narratives and public perception remains a compelling factor to watch closely.

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