Wandsworth Prison Escape: Metropolitan Police Chief Reveals Pre-Planned Breakout

The Metropolitan Police Commissioner, Mark Rowley, has declared that the escape of Daniel Abed Khalife from Wandsworth Prison was meticulously pre-planned. As the nationwide manhunt enters its third day, law enforcement agencies are intensifying their efforts to locate the fugitive terror suspect within Richmond Park.

A Calculated Escape

Commissioner Rowley, addressing the media, emphasized the premeditated nature of Khalife’s escape. He highlighted the astonishing fact that Khalife managed to secure himself beneath a delivery van, a crucial detail that underscores the pre-planning involved in the escape.

An Inside Job?

When questioned about the possibility of insider assistance, Commissioner Rowley acknowledged that it was a valid line of inquiry. He raised the question, “Did someone in the jail assist him? Other inmates or security personnel?” This speculation adds another layer of complexity to the ongoing investigation.

A Multifaceted Manhunt

The Metropolitan Police chief disclosed that over 150 officers are actively participating in the manhunt, with support from other law enforcement agencies and Border Force. Richmond Park has been a focal point in their search efforts.

The Elusive Fugitive

Despite the intensive search, it remains a concern that Khalife, who faces charges of planting fake bombs and alleged involvement in espionage for Iran, may have already left the country. This notion has not been disproved by authorities.

Calls for Prison Closure

In a parallel development, Chief Inspector of Prisons Charlie Taylor has called for the closure of Wandsworth Prison, highlighting concerns about security breaches and the escape of high-profile inmates.

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