Sara Sharif’s Tragic Passing: Investigation Ongoing as Family Hunt Persists

Details Surrounding 10-Year-Old’s Death Remain Undetermined; International Search for Family Continues


The circumstances surrounding the unfortunate demise of a 10-year-old girl in Woking remain shrouded in mystery. Despite ongoing inquiries, the exact cause of Sara Sharif’s death, discovered at her residence on Hammond Road, is yet to be determined. The incident has prompted an international manhunt for members of her family.

Uncertainty Surrounding Cause of Death:

Sara Sharif’s lifeless body was found at her family home on August 10, after her father, Urfan Sharif, alerted authorities from Pakistan. While the cause of her passing has not been definitively ascertained, an initial inquest conducted at Surrey Coroner’s Court has indicated the likelihood of an “unnatural” demise. However, specifics remain elusive.

Manhunt Spans International Borders:

In the wake of this tragic discovery, law enforcement initiated a manhunt that extends across borders. The police are seeking Sara’s father, Urfan Sharif, his partner Beinash Batool, 29, and his brother, Faisal Malik, 28. The trio, accompanied by their other children, departed for Islamabad with one-way tickets, leaving the UK a day prior to the discovery of Sara’s body.

Investigation and Adjournment:

Coroner Simon Wickens confirmed Sara’s birth details and temporarily adjourned the inquest proceedings until February 29, 2024, to allow Surrey Police ample time to conduct thorough investigations. The coroner extended sincere condolences to all those affected by the tragic loss of Sara.

Preliminary Findings and Family Statements:

An initial post-mortem examination revealed that Sara had sustained “multiple and extensive injuries” over an extended period, indicating potential long-term abuse. Sara’s grandfather, Muhammad Sharif, implored his son to cooperate with authorities and address the matter, emphasizing the family’s desire to resolve the situation and restore privacy.

Pakistani Authorities in Pursuit:

Pakistani law enforcement has taken an active role in the investigation, tracking the trio’s movements through sim card traces. Nasir Bajwa, a key figure in the case, expressed confidence in making arrests soon, asserting, “With God’s will, we will make the arrest by tomorrow night.”

Community Impact and Plea for Information:

The tragic incident continues to reverberate within the local and broader community. Detective Superintendent Mark Chapman of the Surrey and Sussex Police major crime team urged anyone with information to come forward. Chapman underscored the significance of even seemingly insignificant details in the pursuit of justice for Sara.


As the investigation into Sara Sharif’s untimely passing unfolds, authorities work tirelessly to unravel the circumstances surrounding her death. The international manhunt for her family remains ongoing, while the community grapples with the repercussions of this heartbreaking event.

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