Who is Ryan Palmeter? Unveiling Details about the Dollar General Shooter


The recent tragic incident at a Dollar General store in Jacksonville, Florida, has raised questions about the individual responsible for the horrifying attack. The shooter, identified as 21-year-old Ryan Christopher Palmeter, carried out a racially-motivated shooting spree that claimed the lives of three innocent victims. Here’s a comprehensive look at what we know about Ryan Palmeter and the events leading up to the tragedy.

The Attack Unveiled:

On a fateful Saturday afternoon, Ryan Palmeter unleashed a wave of violence at a Dollar General store in Jacksonville, Florida. Armed with an AR 15-style rifle and a Glock handgun, he donned a tactical vest and face mask as he carried out his deadly mission. His rampage began in the store’s parking lot, where he fired 11 rounds into a parked car, tragically taking his first victim’s life. Subsequently, he entered the store in the New Town neighborhood, allowing some shoppers to leave before targeting those who remained. The onslaught concluded with Palmeter turning the gun on himself.

Palmeter’s Background:

Ryan Palmeter’s journey leading to the tragic event began earlier that day. Departing his suburban Clay County home, which he shared with his parents, around 11:40 AM, he arrived at Edward Waters University (EWU) shortly afterward. The historically Black college’s security guard denied him entry when he refused to identify himself, prompting him to leave the campus without incident. Just prior to the Dollar General massacre, Palmeter sent a text to his father, leading to the discovery of disturbing “manifestos” on his personal computer. These writings offered insight into his motives, characterized by authorities as “the diary of a madman.”

Investigation and Motives:

Following the attack, Palmeter’s father reported the manifestos to the Clay County Sheriff’s Office, but tragically, it was too late. The writings, which included a will and a suicide note, are currently being examined by investigators. The manifestos reveal a disturbing ideology of hate, with clear racial motivations. Sheriff Waters unequivocally stated that the shooting was racially motivated, driven by Palmeter’s hatred for Black people. He emphasized that there is no evidence suggesting the shooter’s affiliation with any larger group; he acted alone.

Past Incidents and Mental Health:

Although Palmeter had a previous domestic incident involving his brother in 2016, it did not lead to an arrest. He had no criminal record or notable red flags prior to the tragedy. However, in 2017, he was held under Florida’s Baker Act due to concerns about his mental health. The act allows for individuals to be held for examination if they pose a threat to themselves or others during a mental health crisis.

Political Affiliation and Response: Public voting records indicate that Palmeter was a registered Republican, differing from his registered Democrat parents. His social media presence was limited, with a basic account on X (formerly Twitter), mentioning his acceptance into Flagler College for business administration studies. Following the incident, the Department of Justice announced an investigation into the attack as a hate crime and racially-motivated violent extremism. President Joe Biden condemned the violence and reaffirmed the nation’s stance against hate and discrimination.


As the investigation unfolds, the details surrounding Ryan Christopher Palmeter’s life and motivations are being closely examined. The tragedy serves as a stark reminder of the devastating consequences of hatred and violence. The aftermath of this event prompts renewed discussions on addressing mental health concerns and combating racial extremism within society.

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