UK’s ‘Safest’ Village Faces Vandalism: Youths Intimidate Elderly Residents


The idyllic village of Bocastle, touted as the UK’s safest, is grappling with a wave of vandalism perpetrated by young individuals. Nestled in Cornwall’s Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, the village has recently seen a surge in criminal activities, leaving its tranquil streets marred by incidents of anti-social behavior.

Peaceful Reputation Shattered:

Bocastle, renowned for its breathtaking scenery and well-preserved harbor under the care of the National Trust, has enjoyed a reputation as the safest living haven in the UK. With a mere six crimes per 1,000 residents in 2022, according to data from Quickmove Properties, the village offered a haven of security.

Rising Tide of Vandalism:

However, this serenity has been shattered by a series of disturbing incidents. Reports indicate that the village’s tranquility has been disrupted by acts of vandalism, including the smearing of lard across a newly constructed playground. In addition to this, reports reveal instances of rocks being hurled through car windows and elderly citizens subjected to intimidation.

Community Voices Concern:

Local residents, no longer willing to tolerate this behavior, have voiced their concerns over the escalating situation. Andrew Bright, the long-standing landlord of the Cobweb Inn, shared his perspective. Living in the village for over five decades, he remarked, “You just never really know.” His wife Tracey added that not all incidents might have been reported to the authorities, suggesting the issue could be more pervasive than acknowledged.

Elderly Population Targeted:

Elderly members of the community appear to be the primary targets of these distressing actions. The emergence of a group of teenagers, rumored to have recently relocated to the village, has been linked to these incidents. The teenagers have reportedly been responsible for creating an atmosphere of fear and intimidation among the older residents.

Unsettling Behaviors Unveiled:

Tracey Bright detailed the unsettling behaviors that have unfolded over the past six months, including wall destruction, harassment of the elderly, vandalism of vehicles, and stone-throwing in parking lots. She directly implicated the aforementioned group of teenagers, attributing the increase in incidents to their presence. The emotional toll on the aging population has been palpable.

Local Council Response:

Forrabury & Minster Parish Council, acknowledging the severity of the issue, recently invested significant funds in refurbishing a car park. Unfortunately, this effort was undermined when the car park was smeared with lard, rendering the refurbishment efforts frustratingly futile. The council released a statement condemning the vandalism and encouraging residents to report any incidents to the police.

Hope Amidst Concerns:

Amidst the worries that these occurrences might become a trend, some residents remain hopeful that these events are isolated instances. Hazel Beetles, a 66-year-old lifelong resident of the area, emphasized that the village has typically been a haven of safety. Expressing regret over the perpetrators’ actions, she noted that such troubles are exceedingly rare in the close-knit community.


The tranquility of Bocastle, once deemed the UK’s safest village, has been disrupted by a surge in vandalism, unsettling both residents and the local community. As authorities work to address the incidents and restore the village’s peace, the hope remains that the perpetrators will be brought to justice and the sense of security that once defined Bocastle will be reclaimed.

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