Brazil’s Judiciary Holds Key Decision on Putin’s Arrest at G20 Summit, Says Lula

Brazil’s former president and current leader, Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva, addressed the media during the G20 summit in New Delhi, asserting that the decision to arrest Russian President Vladimir Putin, if he attends next year’s G20 summit in Brazil, rests solely with the country’s judiciary.

Lula’s Statement

Speaking to reporters in the Indian capital, Lula emphasized, “If Putin decides to join, it is the judiciary’s power to decide and not my government.”

Legal Implications

This statement by President Lula underscores the complex legal situation that would arise should Putin confirm his attendance at the upcoming G20 summit in Brazil. The power to arrest a foreign head of state lies within the purview of the host country’s judiciary, a principle grounded in international law.

Diplomatic Sensitivity

The potential arrest of a sitting president, even in the context of legal proceedings, carries significant diplomatic implications. It highlights the delicate balance between the rule of law and international relations.

G20 Summit Background

The G20 summit, a gathering of major economies, serves as a platform for discussing global economic issues and fostering cooperation. The participation of world leaders is a key aspect of these summits, and the potential presence of President Putin in Brazil raises intriguing questions regarding diplomatic protocols.


The upcoming G20 summit in Brazil may well become a stage for diplomatic intricacies as the host country grapples with the decision of whether to arrest Russian President Putin if he chooses to attend. The outcome will undoubtedly be of great interest to the international community.

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