Former Putin Bodyguard Reveals Intriguing Insights

In a revelation that sends shivers down the spine, a former employee of the Federal Protective Service, Vitaliy Bryzhatiy, who once guarded Vladimir Putin’s dacha in annexed Crimea, has broken his silence. In an exclusive interview with the independent television channel Dozhd, Bryzhatiy provides intriguing insights into the Russian President’s unparalleled security measures and profound mistrust even within his inner circle.

Putin’s Unwavering Mistrust:
Vitaliy Bryzhatiy, who ultimately fled the country following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, disclosed a startling fact: “Vladimir Putin doesn’t trust anyone, not even the bodyguards who may not know his exact whereabouts.” Bryzhatiy’s revelations shed light on the extreme caution exercised by Putin, even in the presence of his most trusted security personnel.

Constant Secrecy and Misdirection:
Within the Federal Protective Service, there exists a specialized unit known as the SBP (President’s Security Service). This unit, Bryzhatiy claims, enjoys Putin’s highest level of trust and accompanies him on all his journeys. However, the level of secrecy surrounding Putin’s movements is astonishing. Prior to Putin’s visits to Crimea, his arrival is announced simultaneously at two airports, Sevastopol and Simferopol, both over 100 kilometers apart. Helicopters land, National Guard convoys are dispatched, yet the president might not arrive by plane at all. He could employ alternative means of transportation, such as arriving by sea, keeping everyone in the dark until the last moment.

Exceptional Security Measures:
Bryzhatiy underscores that “the security of the Russian president is at the highest level because he is very concerned about his life.” Putin’s obsession with safeguarding his safety remains evident, with extensive measures in place to ensure his protection, irrespective of the location.

Unchanged Protocols:
Even during Putin’s visit to Sevastopol, the local governor was required to spend several weeks in one of the state dachas, undergoing quarantine—a protocol that remains unchanged over time. This exemplifies the president’s unwavering commitment to his security.

Vitaliy Bryzhatiy’s candid revelations offer a rare glimpse into the meticulous security apparatus surrounding Vladimir Putin, where trust is a scarce commodity, and secrecy reigns supreme. As Putin continues to navigate the global political landscape, his security measures remain unparalleled, ensuring that his movements remain shrouded in mystery.

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