Renowned Pathologist Dr. Richard Shepherd’s Revelations About Princess Diana’s Autopsy


Dr. Richard Shepherd, a globally renowned forensic pathologist, is no stranger to examining the deceased. With over 23,000 bodies under his scrutiny, one of the most notable cases in his career was the examination of Princess Diana’s body. Dr. Shepherd re-evaluated the late princess’s remains as part of the official inquiry into her tragic death in a car crash in Paris over two decades ago.

A Curious Public’s Questions:

In the aftermath of Princess Diana’s untimely demise at the age of 36, Dr. Shepherd found himself facing some unusual queries about her physical condition. People asked him a range of questions, some of which bordered on the bizarre. They inquired whether she was beautiful, peaceful, or even pregnant at the time of her death.

Speaking to the Daily Mail, Dr. Shepherd shared, “People asked: ‘Was she beautiful?’ ‘Was she peaceful?’ ‘Was she pregnant?’ I always made sure I never said anything — in all the cases of public interest I was involved with — that hadn’t already appeared in the Press.”

Regarding the possibility of pregnancy, he explained, “Pathologically there was no evidence that Princess Diana was pregnant, but some women say they know they’re pregnant from the moment of conception. Was she one of those?”

Could a Seatbelt Have Saved Her?

Dr. Shepherd also speculated on the outcome of the tragic accident had Princess Diana been wearing her seatbelt. He believes that if she had taken this simple precaution, she might have survived with minor injuries, such as a black eye or a broken arm. Unfortunately, the princess did not fasten her seatbelt, and the world lost her in the Pont de l’Alma road tunnel.

Additional Cases in Dr. Shepherd’s Career:

Beyond the Princess Diana case, Dr. Shepherd’s career is marked by involvement in various high-profile incidents. He played a crucial role in the aftermath of the Hungerford massacre in Berkshire in 1987, ten years prior to Diana’s tragic accident, conducting autopsies on the victims. He was also involved in the examination related to Stephen Lawrence’s murder and the Marchioness disaster, where a pleasure boat sank in the Thames.

In the wake of the 9/11 attacks, Dr. Shepherd worked tirelessly, sifting through the bodies of the victims. His dedication to forensic pathology traces back to his early interest as a schoolboy.


Dr. Richard Shepherd’s insights into Princess Diana’s autopsy shed light on the unusual questions he encountered and offer a glimpse into the mysteries surrounding the tragic accident. His distinguished career, marked by involvement in several significant cases, underscores his expertise in the field of forensic pathology.

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