North Korea Announces New Submarine with Nuclear Capabilities Amid Doubts

North Korea has declared the development of a new submarine with nuclear attack capabilities, a significant milestone in its pursuit of a nuclear-armed navy. While this announcement has raised eyebrows and skepticism among experts, it underscores North Korea’s ongoing efforts to extend its nuclear arsenal’s range with covert and hard-to-detect systems.

Key Points:

  • Submarine Unveiled: North Korea’s official news agency, KCNA, reported that the newly unveiled submarine, named “Hero Kim Kun Ok,” is designed to launch tactical nuclear weapons from underwater. However, specific details about the number of missiles it can carry and fire remain undisclosed.
  • Skepticism in South Korea: South Korean officials have expressed doubts about the submarine’s capabilities and readiness for operational duty. They argue that modifications required for missile launch systems on an existing vessel have not been adequately addressed, suggesting potential exaggeration by North Korea.
  • Missile Submarine Development: North Korea has been actively testing various submarine-launched missiles in recent years, aiming to enhance its ability to conduct nuclear strikes from underwater. Such capabilities could serve as a deterrent against preemptive attacks.
  • Long Road Ahead: Building a fleet of operational submarines with reliable nuclear capabilities is a complex and resource-intensive process. Experts believe that North Korea faces significant challenges in achieving this goal, including technological advancements and economic constraints.
  • Satellite Imagery: Recent satellite photos have confirmed the existence of the new submarine, which appeared in a ceremony attended by Kim Jong Un. These images provide valuable insights into North Korea’s naval developments.


Despite skepticism about the submarine’s immediate capabilities, experts acknowledge that North Korea’s efforts serve its strategic purposes by complicating the security landscape in the region. While it may take time for North Korea to realize its vision of a robust naval fleet, the pursuit of such capabilities sends a clear message to its adversaries.

International Implications:

North Korea’s focus on naval development raises questions about potential collaboration with Russia, which could provide advanced weapons technologies in exchange for military supplies. The possibility of North Korea acquiring nuclear-propelled submarines remains a subject of concern and scrutiny on the international stage.


North Korea’s announcement of a submarine with nuclear capabilities has generated widespread interest and skepticism. While the nation continues to pursue its military objectives, the international community closely monitors the situation for potential security implications in the region and beyond. Further developments will determine the true extent of North Korea’s naval capabilities.

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