Russian Defensive Lines Breached in Capture of Villages near Bakhmut, Ukraine Commander Says


The commander of Ukraine’s ground forces reports a significant breakthrough in the ongoing conflict in Eastern Ukraine, as Ukrainian forces recapture another village near Bakhmut. This development is seen as a pivotal moment in Ukraine’s counteroffensive against Russia’s nearly 19-month invasion. Bakhmut, despite its size, has become a symbolically important battleground for both nations.

Key Advancement

Retaking Klishchiivka: Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky announced the recapture of Klishchiivka on Sunday night. This achievement is considered tactically crucial as it allows Ukrainian forces to expand their control around Bakhmut and continue their offensive.

Breaking Through Defensive Lines

General Oleksandr Syrskyi, speaking via the Telegram messaging app, stated, “While they were little at first look, these communities played a significant role in the enemy’s defensive line, which extended from Bakhmut to Horlivka. The enemy’s defensive line, which it attempted to close by committing all of its reserves to combat, was breached as a consequence of the effective operations of our forces.”

Ongoing Heavy Fighting

General Syrskyi also reported that Russian troops are still attempting to regain the positions they lost in the Bakhmut sector. The fighting in this region remains intense.

Impact on Russian Forces

Illia Yevlash, spokesperson for Ukrainian troops in the east, revealed that the battle inflicted significant damage on various Russian military units, including Russian airborne units, the “Akhmat” battalion led by Chechen leader Ramzan Kadyrov, the Russian General Staff’s military intelligence, and motorized rifle units. Yevlash added, “So now that we have a foundation, we can continue to build offensive strategies and free our country from the invaders.”

Leadership Changes

Ukrainian President Zelensky made changes within the Ministry of Defence, dismissing six deputy defence ministers. These changes followed the recent appointment of Rustem Umerov as defence minister, replacing Oleksii Reznikov. While no specific reasons were given for these removals, such personnel changes are common following a new minister’s appointment.

Civilian Casualties

Tragically, six civilians lost their lives and 16 were injured in Russian attacks over the past 24 hours. These attacks struck eight cities and villages in the Donetsk region, including Avdiivka and Kurdiumivka. In Kherson, five artillery attacks claimed one life and injured another, while in Beryslav, explosives dropped from a drone near the local bus station injured four people.

Developments in Donetsk

The Russian state news agency RIA reported a series of blasts at the headquarters of the Russian-installed local authorities in the Russian-held city of Donetsk.

Missile Interception and Drone Defence

Moreover, Kyiv said that early on Monday it had shot down 18 of the 24 Shahed drones and all 17 Russian cruise missiles launched in the southern areas of Mykolaiv and Odesa.

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