Xi Jinping Emphasizes Peaceful Co-Existence Between China and US

Chinese President Xi Jinping conveyed a significant message of mutual cooperation and peaceful co-existence between China and the United States during a correspondence with two American Flying Tiger veterans who had fought alongside China during World War II. In an official response to a letter from former pilot Harry Moyer and pilot gunner Mel McMullen, President Xi underscored the historical camaraderie between the two nations, shaped by their shared adversary during the conflict with Japan. His words carry weight as both countries work to alleviate ongoing tensions.

Shared History and Responsibilities

During his communication, President Xi emphasised the deep-rooted friendship that emerged when China and the United States united against a common foe. He expressed that, moving forward, as two major global powers, they bear a significant burden in promoting world peace, stability, and development. His call resounds with the need for mutual respect, peaceful coexistence, and collaboration that benefits both nations.

Diplomatic Efforts to Reduce Tensions

This appeal for stable and harmonious relations follows a series of high-level meetings and discussions between American and Chinese officials over the past months. These dialogues have been focused on de-escalating tensions and reinstating open lines of communication, including re-establishing contact between their respective military forces.

The Flying Tigers’ Historical Significance

The Flying Tigers, formally known as the American Volunteer Group, constituted a fighter group composed of former U.S. pilots enlisted by the Republic of China, led by Chiang Kai-shek’s Kuomintang, to combat Japanese forces in 1941–42. These courageous aviators, recognisable by the iconic shark faces on their planes, garnered immense respect in China for their fearless exploits against numerically superior Japanese adversaries. They took to the skies from rural runways painstakingly constructed by Chinese labourers.

A Diplomatic Perspective

Chinese Vice President Han Zheng, in a discussion on the sidelines of the United Nations General Assembly with U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken, acknowledged the current complexities and challenges in China-U.S. relations. He underscored the global need for a stable and constructive relationship between the two nations.

In a world marked by geopolitical shifts and evolving alliances, President Xi’s message reaffirms the importance of dialogue and cooperation between China and the United States, two pivotal nations with substantial roles on the global stage.

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