Ruthless Muggers Jailed for £2000 Robbery After Bank Withdrawal

Two muggers from Ramsgate and Dover have been sentenced to over seven years in jail for a harrowing robbery that targeted a pensioner shortly after he withdrew more than £2,000 in cash from an HSBC branch in Folkestone.

Details of the Robbery:
Richard Collins, also known as Ricky, and Craig Dunn zeroed in on their victim as he left the bank on July 11. The court heard that the pair, with a history of criminal activities, followed the retiree, who was in his 60s, down the street. They proceeded to threaten and intimidate him, before forcefully snatching the bag containing his hard-earned money.

Impact on the Victim:
The traumatic ordeal left the victim not only financially depleted but also emotionally shaken. His previous experience of suffering a broken neck just two years prior compounded his vulnerability, leading to increased anxiety.

Sequence of Events:
As per the prosecutor, the muggers were present at the HSBC counter next to the victim when he received his withdrawal of £2,200. While Dunn was still concluding his transaction, Collins had already exited the bank. The victim inadvertently left his glasses case behind and went back inside to retrieve it. On emerging for the second time, he noticed Collins and Dunn tailing him.

Threatening Demand and Robbery:
Collins, in a menacing gesture, demanded the bag with a threat of physical harm. Both men closed in on the victim, with Collins brandishing raised fists and uttering threats. It was during this confrontation that Dunn seized the bag and the duo made their escape.

Impact and Aftermath:
The victim’s statement underscored his regret for not taking adequate security precautions after his bank visit. The mugging underscored his vulnerability, and his concerns over past injuries were rekindled. The stolen money, intended for property-related payments, was never recovered. Consequently, he had to dip into his savings to cover the costs.

Criminal History and Sentencing:
Collins and Dunn, with a combined track record of 56 previous convictions for 94 offenses, were handed substantial prison sentences. Collins, previously a senior manager at a potato factory, was jailed for four-and-a-half years after pleading guilty to two counts of robbery. Dunn, a painter and decorator, received a sentence of two years and eight months for a single count of robbery.

Judge’s Verdict:
Judge Simon Taylor KC condemned the muggers for leaving the victim in a state of anxiety and vulnerability. He emphasized that their actions stemmed from an unwarranted desire for something that wasn’t theirs.

Background and Rehabilitation Efforts:
The court learned about Collins’s challenging upbringing and his subsequent struggles with substance abuse and homelessness. Similarly, Dunn’s ADHD and battle with drug misuse were noted. Both expressed a desire to break the cycle of criminal behavior.

The sentencing of Collins and Dunn underscores the seriousness with which the justice system addresses such violent crimes. The case serves as a reminder of the impact of such incidents on victims, amplifying feelings of vulnerability and anxiety.

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