SNP Urges UK Government to Reinstate £400 Energy Rebate for Winter


The Scottish National Party’s (SNP) Westminster leader, Stephen Flynn, has called on the UK Government to reintroduce the £400 energy rebate ahead of anticipated winter price hikes. With the Commons reconvening on Monday, Flynn emphasized the importance of reinstating this measure, which had concluded in March.

Rising Energy Costs

A recent report by the independent energy research firm Cornwall Insights has projected that average household energy costs could surge to £2,032.66 annually in January. This alarming forecast has prompted Flynn’s appeal for immediate action.

Flynn’s Statement

Flynn highlighted the financial challenges faced by UK households, attributing them to several factors, including Brexit, austerity cuts, and Westminster policies. He asserted, “With energy bills still around double what they were in 2021, standing charges rising, and families struggling to cope with the growing cost of mortgages, rents, and bills, it’s vital the UK Government brings back the £400 energy bill rebate from October.”

SNP’s Stance

Scottish residents are no strangers to the energy sector, given the country’s abundant energy resources. Flynn decried the burden placed on Scottish families, stating, “Scotland is an energy-rich country, and it’s a scandal that Westminster is forcing families to pay through the nose for a resource we have in plenty.” He further positioned the SNP as the party advocating for genuine assistance to families and a credible strategy to reduce energy expenses.

Government’s Response

In response, a spokesperson for the UK Government emphasized their substantial support for households, highlighting nearly £40 billion allocated to cover roughly half of a typical household’s energy costs last winter. They also noted that energy prices had decreased significantly since the previous autumn and that the Energy Price Guarantee would remain in place until April 2024. Additionally, the Warm Home Discount was mentioned as a measure to aid vulnerable households during the winter.

Investing in Energy

The UK Government’s commitment to investing in cleaner, domestically sourced energy was also highlighted. They pointed out that hundreds of new oil and gas licenses had been announced to support cleaner energy production, capitalizing on Scotland’s energy resources and bolstering job creation.


As winter approaches and energy costs continue to rise, the debate over the reinstatement of the £400 energy rebate gains momentum. Flynn’s impassioned plea underscores the significance of this issue for UK households, while the government maintains its stance on providing support and investing in energy solutions.

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