Successful Progress in Turkey’s Mission to Rescue Trapped Caver

An American researcher trapped deep in a Turkish cave is making significant progress towards rescue.


Rescue teams in Turkey have achieved a significant milestone in their mission to save an American caver trapped in the depths of the Morca Cave in the Taurus Mountains. The experienced caver, Mark Dickey, found himself in a dire situation when he began experiencing stomach bleeding during an expedition, and rescue operations were promptly initiated. This article provides an update on the ongoing efforts to bring Mr. Dickey to safety.

The Challenging Situation

Mark Dickey, an experienced caver, encountered health complications on September 2 while exploring the Morca Cave, one of the world’s deepest cave systems. At a staggering depth of 3,410 feet (1,040 meters), Mr. Dickey’s condition became critical, leading to vomiting and the urgent need for medical attention.

The Rescue Operation

A multi-national rescue operation was launched on Saturday, with a team consisting of doctors, paramedics, and experienced cavers converging on the cave site. Their primary objective was to ensure Mr. Dickey’s safe extraction from the cave system.

Meticulous Planning and Progress

The rescue team has meticulously planned and executed the mission, establishing small medical base camps at various levels along the cave shaft. These base camps have provided Mark Dickey with essential rest and medical treatments during the challenging and slow extrication process.

As of Sunday, the Speleological Federation of Turkey reported that Mark Dickey had been safely delivered to a base camp situated at 2,297 feet (700 meters) below the surface. At this stage, he will receive further rest and necessary treatments to stabilize his condition before the final phase of the operation.

International Cooperation

Turkish authorities have coordinated a massive international effort, with 190 personnel from eight countries participating in the mission. Of these, 153 are search and rescue experts who bring their extensive experience to bear in this critical operation.

Challenges Ahead

The most formidable obstacle in this rescue mission involves widening the narrow cave passages to enable the passage of stretcher lines at low depths. This challenging task is essential for the safe extraction of Mr. Dickey.

Timeline and Outlook

The extraction process is anticipated to take up to 10 days, depending on Mr. Dickey’s medical condition and progress. Every effort is being made to ensure his safe return to the surface.


The progress made thus far in the rescue operation is a testament to the dedication and expertise of the international rescue teams involved. Mark Dickey’s journey to safety is advancing steadily, with each step bringing hope closer to reality. The world watches anxiously, united in the anticipation of a successful rescue from the depths of the Morca Cave.

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