Queen Elizabeth II Disappointed on Great-Granddaughter Lilibet’s First Birthday

In a poignant moment, Queen Elizabeth II found herself in an unexpected situation on her great-granddaughter Lilibet’s first birthday. The usually stoic monarch had prepared a special cake with a single candle for the young royal, but circumstances prevented the celebration from going as planned.

A Birthday Letdown

Despite being in the United Kingdom for the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee celebrations in June 2022, Queen Elizabeth II did not have the opportunity to see Lilibet on her milestone birthday. Paul Burrell, the Queen’s former footman, revealed the poignant details in an interview with the Mirror.

“Even on Lilibet’s first birthday, the Queen didn’t see her. She saw her the day before. But on her birthday, the Queen had a birthday cake made with one candle in it. And they never turned up. That candle was never lit,” Burrell recounted.

A Planned Celebration

The birthday celebration was originally intended to take place at Frogmore Cottage in Windsor, where the family had assembled for a relaxed backyard picnic. However, the Queen herself was unable to attend due to her ongoing mobility issues. Her absence also led to the cancellation of her planned appearance at the Epsom Derby, a significant part of the jubilee celebrations.

A Missed Opportunity

The day following Lilibet’s birthday, the Queen extended an invitation for the family to join her for tea, only to learn that they had already returned to the United States without saying their goodbyes.

A Puzzling Turn of Events

Paul Burrell expressed his bewilderment at the situation and questioned why anyone would want to upset the Queen, especially given her gentle nature.

“Well, I don’t understand anyone that could do that. Not her family, why would you want to? She was devoid of jealousy, anger, envy, all those traits that we associate with other people she didn’t have. She was just a very simple soul. I wish the world could have known her the way I knew her.”

Fond Memories Persist

Burrell acknowledged the enduring love and affection the family had for Queen Elizabeth II, emphasizing that she was a cherished mother, grandmother, and great-grandmother to all of them.

“All the family dearly loved our Queen, and they will all be remembering her in their own particular ways,” Burrell noted. “She was a mother, a granny, a great granny to all of them. And they all miss her. Even Harry and Meghan, in Los Angeles, will be thinking about the Queen on her anniversary because Harry was a particular favorite.”

In these reflective moments, the world is reminded of the remarkable bond shared between Queen Elizabeth II and her family, even in times of unforeseen circumstances.

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As previously reported, Harry and Meghan faced criticism for the challenges and stress they reportedly caused the late Queen during her final days, as shared by one of the monarch’s close friends. In her later years, Queen Elizabeth II battled health issues that added to her difficulties, ultimately highlighting her unwavering dedication to her royal duties.

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